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What is a UA NetID?

Your UA NetID is your personal identifier for a number of online services at the University of Arizona. Some of the services requiring a NetID include:

  • E-mail and UITS computing accounts (CatMail, UAConnect, HPC)
  • UAccess applications (Student, Employee, Analytics, etc.)
  • D2L – a web-based course management system used in 700+ courses on campus
  • New Employee Resources and Benefits Enrollment
  • University site-licensed software
  • OSCR computer labs

NOTE!    Once you have your NetID and password, you may use the Account Program to create a U-System, HPC, or qualifying DCC email account.

Why is the UA NetID necessary?

The UA NetID verifies identity when it is used for online services the University of Arizona provides. It consolidates the disparate authentication mechanisms of various UA online services and helps ensure the privacy of personal information and restrict the use of resources to those for whom they are intended.